Remembrance Services


As an ordained minister, I have wide-ranging experience helping families during times of grief and presiding over funerals and memorial services.          

Funerals - In a Funeral, the family and community gather to grieve the loss and celebrate the life of a loved one. The body is present. There may be a wake before the funeral and a service of committal at the graveside. Services are usually held at a funeral home or religious community. Sometimes the death is the natural end of a long life and sometimes the result of sudden tragedy or illness. Even when the death has been expected, it is difficult to say goodbye to someone we love. As we plan the service, I will help you grieve and honestly acknowledge your feelings. I will encourage you to remember stories about the life of your loved one and work with you to choose meaningful readings, music, and speakers. Together we will weave the complexity of loss, memory and love into a service of celebration and hope.

Memorial Services - A Memorial Service offers an opportunity for family and the community to grieve the loss and celebrate the life of a loved one. The body is not present. There may have been a previous family funeral, graveside service or cremation. The service can be held in your religious community, a funeral home, a family home, or another setting. It may be held shortly after the death or sometime later. It can be formal or informal, with a large gathering of people or an intimate group of family and friends. The nature of the service will be affected by whether the death was at the end of a long life or a sudden tragedy or illness. As we meet, I will help you deal honestly with your feelings. We will gather stories and memories. We will plan readings, music and speakers that honor your loved one and create a service that proclaims hope in the midst of loss.

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